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Super Yumm Pizza

We are a catering service based in Roselle, Illinois. We bring pizza parties straight to your kitchen. The staple of our pizza is our delicious crust that has been refined over the years by Piotr who started out as a Pizza Chef in Italy over 30 years ago. Pizza parties quickly grew popular with our family and friends and now we want to share our passion for Super Yumm Pizza with the rest of the world.
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  • "The menu is fun and I suggest trying out everything that they have. Don't expect something ordinary. It's a classy take on pizza."

    Marcos G.

    Chicago, IL
  • "Super yumm pizza is literally super yumm- no joke! I was first introduced to Super Yumm Pizza about a year ago for a small get together of friends and family. When I was invited, I was skeptical at first because they said it was going to be a homemade pizza. I've had some pretty bad homemade pizza in the past, my own recipe included. So I was kind of hesitant but was pleasantly shocked when I tasted it. "

    Lillie M.

    Roselle, IL
  • "Amazing party, huge hit. The pizza was great, the salad was tasty and the desserts disappeared almost immediately. Aside from the food I would recommend getting your guests to the house early, open up a bottle or 5 of wine and talk to the chefs as they go through the process of prepping the dough and setting up their assembly line."

    Rich E.

    Chicago, IL


Super Yumm Pizza

751 High Ridge Rd,

Roselle, IL 60172

Phone. 847-220-7705